Demystifying Retirement Plans from Your Fort Collins Accountant

Demystifying Retirement Plans from Your Fort Collins Accountant Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry? Shaken or stirred? Americans love to have options. But, when it comes to funding retirement, the number of choices available can lead to confusion and frustration. Furthermore, it can result in a total lack of action to get one or more retirement funds […]

Starting a business

Your Fort Collins Business Accountant Shares 10 Things to Think About Before Starting a Business

You’ve made the decision to follow your passion and start a business. Congratulations! No doubt you are eager to start making progress toward launching your new venture. As a leading Fort Collins business accountant, we like to remind people that there are things you can do to maximize your chances for business success. One is […]

Shaw Fort Collins CPA accounting helping business owner

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Accounting: A Little Insight From Your Favorite Fort Collins CPA Firm

While accurate and timely accounting practices are critical to the success of any company, they typically aren’t functions that many business owners are equipped to handle on their own. However, the perceived expense typically dissuades them from getting outside help. As a Fort Collins CPA Firm that has helped hundreds of businesses navigate the overwhelming […]